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    August 29, 2007
    Getting Personal Finance Advice by Reading

    One of the best ways to improve your personal finance situation is to read. You can read online, or you can read books. There is a wealth of personal finance information out there, just waiting to be absorbed and then put into practice.

    However, it is important to carefully consider what you read. Not everything is good advice. Or it may be good advice for someone else. The key to getting personal finance advice is to understand that there may be other views out there, and that they are worth looking at. Get Rich Slowly points this out about personal finance books:

    As you read a personal finance book, pause to compare similar passages
    in other books. When you read Dave Ramsey’s recommendation to build a
    $1,000 emergency fund, research what other authors advise. When you read Robert Kiyosaki’s
    advice that the mutual funds are for losers, find out what other
    experts have written on the subject. Once you’ve compared sources,
    return to the book you were reading.

    The idea is to see what’s out there, sift through it, and then apply it to your personal and individual situation. Be choosy about what you decide to read, and then be even more choosy about what you decide to apply.

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